Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 2 of Blogging - Part 2!

Day 2 and the excitement of blogging has gone completely to my head - or it could be that the port I'm drinking is starting to take effect! Anyway I did say that I would be mixing new with old so I'm going to post some shots from a shoot today. I know I can hear you saying 'What is this?'. 'Two posts in a day!' 'He'll never keep this up!' And you are completely correct - I foresee days, weeks possibly months of no posts in the future but right now whilst the novelty factor reigns I predict posting like a mad man.

So today it was some photos for PATWA Apparel for a catalogue/brochure - studio shots with a white background. The shoot was fun and the  models were great so it made for a fun day - the sort of day when I give thanks that I took up photography and gave up stamp collecting! Patwa is a Jamaican company producing high quality casual clothing with a Jamaican twist and is the work of Heneka Watkis - good luck Henny! Here are a couple of todays shots - could do with a touch more tidying up - but you will get the general idea! 

Day 2 of Blogging

Well here we are - Day 2 of blogging and I already have one of the coolest headers around! A massive thanks to Salfrico who recently designed my rather fetching blue and orange logo. He then took the time to incorporate it into a header with nice background and a photo of me with my face screwed up pretending to take a photo! 

I was determined to upload at least a couple of photos today - after all this is meant to be blog about photography. So I figured I would go back to the end of 2005 when I got my first DSLR a Nikon D70s - which replaced my Olympus OM1-N purchased circa 1981 (as soon as someone says circa you know it was a long time ago!). 

I then discovered to my horror that most of my pictures back in 2005 were not as good as I remembered. Not that they are really terrible but just not that good when I look at what I hope to achieve these days - I guess I have made improvements in my photography since then which is a good thing! Anyway here are three from late 2005  taken with my D70s.

Runaway Bay - ISO 200 70mm f11 0.8 sec 

Runaway Bay - ISO 200 18mm f11 2 sec

Kingston - ISO 200 18mm f18  30 sec

Friday, January 29, 2010

Welcome to the World of Blogging?

Okay.......... so what do I do now? Blogging....... isn't that for sad people with no lives and only 'virtual' friends? Great! I fit the bill perfectly! Lol - I can't believe I'm typing 'Lol' that's text speak for teenagers on their Smart phones - not for men of my age - damn, perhaps this is the mid life crisis I keep hearing about! I know I'm due one but I'd rather hoped it would mean getting a sports car and dating girls half my age not typing like a spotty adolescent!

Enough of my ramblings - those of you that know me will acknowledge that I am not the most IT competent person you are likely to meet - not bad but not good - and that is probably one of the reasons that I have never quite got around to starting this blog. I have thought about it for some time and enjoy looking at the work of others but I'm not sure that it is really for me. Will anyone be interested? Isn't it just a bit vain to be displaying your photos? Perhaps it's that feeling of 'I'm not worthy'! Despite the constant encouragement (nagging!) of my wife and some friends (yes, you Mr Salfrico) I've just not really been 'feeling it' - but I've decided to give it a go.

I've managed to put aside my natural tendency to concentrate on the negative and believe that a blog will be a good way to share my love of photography with like minded individuals including my Jamaican friends! With my impending return to England, land of cold weather and warm beer, it will provide a way of maintaining contact and hopefully it will spur me on to continue to develop.

Photography has been a part of my life since I was a teenager but when I started full time work at 19 it just sort of faded away whilst I concentrated on my career. The career went okay and I managed to find time to get married (hi Sexy P) and have two great son's (hi Christian & Joshua) - but still no time for photography. In 2005 my career was going well enough to get me a posting to Jamaica and thats when I managed to get back into picture making.

I'm going to use this blog to show some of my shots since arriving in Jamaica along with new material as it happens so there should be a variety of photos although I do tend to gravitate towards people rather than landscapes. I hope that you like some of my work .............. watch this space.......