Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Downtown - Waterfront, Ocean Boulevard

Two more from 2006 - Mr Brown was living by the waterfront in downtown Kingston -  under the carcas of an old overturned boat - I must re-visit and still if he is still around. His was a hand to mouth existence. He was boiling some little pieces of vegetable when I was there and preparing a rather large 'smoke' for the night ahead. Again I feel that I rushed this shot as I felt a little awkward imposing into his world - if I had more time (or confidence!) I would have changed my angle to improve the litter strewn background but it was really just a grab shot that caught his short lived smile.

A short distance way is the remains of a dock/pier destroyed years ago by a hurricane (Ivan? or maybe before that?) and as you can see I attempted a nice sunset shot shooting at 10mm on the old D70s - I remember being unhappy with the sharpness of the poles in the water until I revisited and realised that many of them were not fixed and I'd used a 10 second exposure hence the softness! But the 10 seconds helped make the surface of the water nice and smooth...... 

ISO 200   70mm   f4   1/250th sec

ISO 200 10mm   f16   10 seconds

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  1. Aaaah.. that nice lovely sunset again! And this is what I always liked about your pictures, you always seemed to search out (and find!) a story. I'm already liking what u deem your "disappointments" hahaha so thank you for relenting to the blog!