Thursday, February 25, 2010

Black River............ and another year older!

Birthdays..... I seem to have reached the age when you don't really seem to celebrate them quite as vigorously as before... in fact if truth be told I am generally content to let them pass me by quietly. Maybe it's something to do with realising that you probably have less years ahead of you than you have behind you!!!! 

Almost certainly I would not be mentioning my birthday but the cat was let out of the bag by Julian when he blogged about our Black River jaunt. I had stayed overnight in Mandeville with my family and had showed the boys how to skateboard 'old school' style. This did involve me falling quite a lot and meant my hip was so badly bruised it was too painful to roll over in bed! I was glad for the excuse to get up early and drive to Black River.... I got to escape further skateboarding and spend some quiet time in a boat on the river. A nice way to spend your birthday!

So here are some of my shots from that morning ... all of them were taken from a moving boat so I upped the iso to 400 to achieve a higher shutter speed to compensate for the boat's movement.

200mm  f5  1/2000 sec

340mm  f5.6  1/1600 sec

120mm  f4.8  1/4000 sec

340mm  f4.8  1/3200 sec

135mm  f4.8  1/2500 sec

70mm  f6.3  1/2500 sec

200mm  f2.8  1/8000sec


  1. Great pictures. And a happy belated birthday mate. you are excused not remembering mine on the day as well this year!