Monday, February 22, 2010

Milky Waterfall...............

Over two weeks and no posts!!  Well just a quick one to prove I'm still alive.

She who must be obeyed: Ministry of Home Affairs: 'er indoors: the missus: Sexy P. I refer to my wife in many different ways depending on my mood and the situation. Exactly what I was calling her earlier in the month I cannot recall but she was the catalyst for this photo. She declared that she would like to have a photograph of a waterfall where 'the water looks all smooth'. She explained that when we return to the UK she wanted a nice relaxing picture in the home office/study where she can spend some 'me' time. (thats me as in her not me as in me if you get what I mean!)

So I uttered those three special words that are important for every man to learn when dealing with their wife/girlfriend: 'Do it yourself ' sorry I meant  'Yes, my dear' and set out to do as I was bid. I managed to find a suitable location thanks to my good friend Franz and tried out a few shots. It could have been nice and relaxing but I took my two son's with me - I guess the kindest thing to say is that they made it less relaxing but it was still fun.

One arrival the sun was causing some exposure problems with the rocks to the right of the fall getting blown out. I did bracket some exposures and may try and blend or perhaps HDR them another time (or find someone who's good at that stuff!). After a while though the angle of the sun changed and I was able to get the last few shots without the need for bracketing. Didn't hang around too long though as the mozzies were biting and the kids were getting restless. This is a single shot processed in Lightroom. The longer exposure was achieved by using an ND filter. On reflection I wish I had tried some shots with a polarizer but I forgot about it at the time. Mrs J likes it but not sure if it will be good enough to make it onto the wall of her office - may need to try some other falls before I leave! This is the full image - now I'm looking at it again I'm thinking that it would probably benefit from some cropping on the left and top to give more attention to the waterfall - decisions, decisions! Any views?

ISO 200 29mm  f16  1/2 sec ND filter

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