Saturday, February 6, 2010

To Buff Bay ......... and back

Everything was set-up.... I had a pass from the Ministry of Home Affairs (thanks Sexy P) and someone was researching accommodation options. I was cleaning lenses, charging batteries and looking forward to two nights at Black River with some fellow photographers  - leave on Friday (yesterday) and come back  Sunday - perfect! Or at least it would have been if I had paid attention to the dates on the e-mail -  the trip is actually next weekend (when I can't make it) and I only realised on Wednesday night! 

Julian Dadag - an accomplished Jamaican photographer was arranging the trip - check out his work - especially the landscapes.

Disappointed to be missing the outing but with Friday already booked as a day off work I was determined to do something and decided to take an early morning drive  - and ended up driving to St Mary and a bit of Portland.

I'd been hoping for some nice morning light but I got drizzle and grey skies for the first few hours. I did however manage to get a couple of portraits that I like - the first is a guy who sells pots and pans from a roadside shack on the Road from Annotto Bay to Ocho Rios. And as today is Bob Marley's birthday it seems fitting to post a photo of a Rasta. Unfortunately I did not get his name but he remembered me from two months ago when we bought a coalpot and frying pan from him - it would have been better with some direct eye contact but here he is:

 ISO 1600   150mm f2.8  1/160 sec

This next shot was taken at Devons Pen - the gentleman was sat at the side of the road watching the world go buy. Again I forgot to ask his name but just around the corner from him I stopped for a cup of crayfish soup and showed the lady serving the picture and asked if she knew his name - she recognised him immediately and said his name is Isiah. I started laughing to myself as this is the name that I had already jokingly given the man as it appeared to me that one 'eyes higher' than the other!! 

ISO200   116mm   f2.8   1/800 sec

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