Monday, February 1, 2010


Ok.... enough of the models - it's back to 2006 and a shot of  a man known in Walkerswood as 'Grey Beard' and his friend chilling after work. I love the Jamaican pet or nicknames that you come across, it seems anyone who has had the misfortune of losing an eye, or a leg or an arm immediately becomes known as 'Oney' - sort of obvious and maybe a little insensitive but you immediately know who they mean. Among my personal favourites was the guy with extreme bow legs who was nick named 'Legs Diamond' and the all time classic 'Shit-a-bush' who apparently must have been witnessed answering a call of nature in the roadside vegetation!

This was one of my first attempts at street photography/portraits which meant engaging with the subjects in order to get to take a picture. It is not an easy thing to do and I remember feeling under pressure to get the shot quickly and trying not to draw to much attention to myself which lead to a somewhat disappointing shot. The point of focus was not great, I think I left it on autofocus and it probably needed a different aperture to get a greater depth of field. So not perfect but all part of the learning experience - I loved the Wray & Nephew Brandy wall painting which really puts it in context for me.  

D70s ISO 200  18mm   f3.5    1/50th Sec

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  1. Entertaining story! Hahaha esp the "bush" one, classic! Nice ... I always liked the "old-town" rugged feeling that you give to these pics, and kudos to you for returning to all these areas, though as we keep telling you, had your gene pool run the other way, it would not have been possible! Anyway I'm glad you started...